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Clinician innovator with 9+ years of healthcare experience in leading teams through complex healthcare processes, developing innovative products and tools, and conducting novel research.

Victor Lei, PharmD, MSHP is a Clinical Pharmacist and Researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital

As a health innovator with an expertise in clinical informatics, Dr. Lei has developed numerous predictive and natural language processing algorithms to inform clinical decision making, improve risk stratification, and understand patient behaviors. His focus is on making healthcare data more interpretable and tailored towards impactful clinical interventions and better risk management. He believes that clinical, technical, and fiduciary incentives must be aligned to solve healthcare’s most complex problems.

Dr. Lei’s research interests include predictive analytics, care delivery innovation, medication adherence, and healthcare utilization. Currently, he is leveraging electronic health record (EHR) data to predict the development of sepsis and postsurgical complications, examining health insurance claims data to understand high cost member populations, and testing behavioral economics principles to reduce opioid prescribing. His research has been published in Health Services Research, JAMA Network Open, Diabetes Medicine, Journal of Hospital Medicine and has been presented at conferences like MEDINFO, AMIA Annual Symposium, Academy Health Annual Research Meeting, and SGIM Annual Meeting.

Dr. Lei received his Doctor of Pharmacy from Northeastern University and Master of Science in Health Policy Research at the University of Pennsylvania. He completed his pharmacy training in hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics in Boston, MA, and established his clinical informatics expertise at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

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